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Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities 3rd training

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The Florida State Personnel Development Grants (SPDG) is a five-year initiative to build capacity at the school and district level to implement two evidence-based practices, Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) and Check and Connect (C&C) a student mentoring program. Our focus is on middle and high schools, and we target decreasing dropout rates and increasing graduation and proficiency rates for students with disabilities. We currently provide direct support to 19 districts.  

We are entering our fifth year of funding and due to COVID have some underutilized funds. We have had great success when the school social workers have gotten involved with implementation of C&C, so we are planning to offer three sessions this year. Our plan is to offer one this fall late Nov/early Dec. and two in the spring in three locations around the state.

Each training is two days (total of 12 hours), and the trainers are certified by the Institute of Community Integration at the University of Minnesota. Since we are grant funded there will be not charge to attendees and we will provide all necessary materials to attendees. Free CEUs will also be provided.

For more information contact the number provided on the flyer.

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Please feel free to share this information as applicable. 

Save the Date flyer

As we quickly approach the BCSSWA conference in less than 15 days, I wanted to take a moment to reply to a few questions that have come up. 

  • Do you have an itinerary that you could share with us? See attachment
  • If I am in-person, do I need to wear a mask? This year's conference is taking place at a BROWARD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL location (see save the date);  therefore, we will adhere to the policy as outlined by the District when it comes to masks and social distancing. Masks will be provided to those who would like to wear one. Social Distancing will be adhered to - hence the limited attendees allowable. This also means that you will need to check in at the school AND check-in for the conference. Your temperature maybe taken by the school, but not by BCSSWA. We encourage anyone not feeling well to contact us via email so that you may change from in-person to virtual. Doors open at 8am SHARP! 
  • Can we change our attendance to in-person? Yes, as of now we are working to make sure that anyone who wants to be in-person attendance is offered a chance to do so. However, we cannot make any changes to the in-person attendance once we hit 100 attendees (does not include vendors, presenters, etc,)
  • I have registered, but I have not heard anything: Thank you for your patience. We are processing payments as quickly as possible. On Monday, March 7, 2022, you will receive an email to select 2 breakout sessions- if you are attending in-person only. If you are online, you do NOT have to select your breakout sessions. 
  • I am attending online; can I still participate in the art class? No. The art class is in-person only. However, you will be contacted to pick up your goodie bag the week of the conference. 
  • Can we pay in-person on the day of the event? No. We are not able to accept in-person payments due to the need to secure accurate headcount. There will be opportunities to purchase items at the conference from vendors and BCSSWA, so bring lots of cash. 
  • What should I wear? We would like all attendees to wear that alumni shirts or school colors. 
  • Speakers and Breakout sessions? See attachment. An email will be sent next week Monday, March 7, 2022 to everyone attending in-person to select 2 breakout sessions. Due to limited seating, we are limiting each breakout session to 25 people. We will have confirmation of in-service points in a few days. CEU's for licensed persons are available when you sign-in.  
  • Lunch? Breakfast and Lunch will be catered. Breakfast will be continental style and there will be a hot lunch provided by Island Vibes. You are welcome to bring your own food/snacks as needed. The conference location has available microwaves for your use. The menu for lunch is below.

Menu Items: - BBQ Meatballs - Chicken Kabobs - Veggie Kabobs - Tropical Salad - Pasta Salad - Hawaiian Wings - Vegan Hawaiian Sliders - Mushroom Rice - Griot with Mango Salsa Drink: - Aloha Punch (virgin rum punch)

  • Possible vendors? We are expecting about 15-20 vendors from Broward County. They include mental health providers, community providers, independent businesses, and information on continuing education. 
  • I know someone who would like to be a vendor. How can I link them to BCSSWA? If you know someone who has a product or service they would like to share, please have them email to explore their options. 
  • Who can I call if I have questions? Please call Elizabeth Edwards at 954-599-5326 or any board member via e-mail.
  • When is the last day to pay or make any changes? The last day to register is March 14, 2022.  After this date, there will be no changes or refunds given. To make changes to be in-person will depend on when we hit our targeted attendee count.  In-person spots are filling up quickly. Secure yours TODAY!

    BCSSWA Annual Conference

    “Back to Basics: Grassroots”. Looking at current evidence-based interventions that supports social work practice.

Conference update on in-person attendees as of 3/3/2022: Remember our cap is 100 and this list does not include paper forms submitted. Also, keep in mind that this conference is open to social workers who work in partnership with us from various agencies throughout Broward County. 


Should you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns please email or contact me directly. Your support for BCSSWA is greatly appreciated. 

In solidarity, 

President Beth



Ms. Elizabeth T. Edwards, LCSW
School Social Worker

President of Broward County School Social Worker Association (BCSSWA)

Broward County Recognition Program Recipient (BCRP) since 2020 
Lauderdale Manors Early Learning & Family Resource Center
1400 NW 14 Court
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
Tel No:   754-321-1618
Cell No: (954) 599-5326
Fax No:  754-321-1689


For more information on BCSSWA, please visit


 Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Portal


The Florida Department of Education is pleased to partner with the School Social Work Association of America to provide ongoing training to support school-based mental health services providers (school social workers, school psychologists, school counselors and licensed mental health professionals). The Florida Association of School Social Workers will provide CEUs.




The Florida Association of School Social Workers Membership includes school social workers serving children in many unique and diverse roles in a variety of educational settings. Their active support and leadership has increased the professional, political and academic influence of the Association.


P.O. Box 2965
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