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                                                                                                    Four Ways Forward for Mental Health Awareness Month

This Mental Health Awareness Month, we invite you to join us in moving mental wellbeing forward across the country.

By raising your voice, prioritizing your self-care, celebrating mental wellbeing and being the difference, you can positively impact yourself and others.

Get started by downloading our Four Ways Forward toolkit, which includes blog posts, a self-care calendar, best practices and social media graphics.

Mental Health Awareness Month is more than just an observance. It’s an important opportunity to bring mental wellbeing into focus for yourself, your family, your friends and your community.

Join us in our work to make mental wellbeing — including recovery from substance use — a reality for everyone. We’ll be sharing ways to move forward all month long!

Download Your Toolkit

May is Mental Health Month, and it’s a time when we come together to raise awareness, provide resources, and advocate for mental health and well-being.

This year’s theme, as established by Mental Health America, is “Where to Start: Mental Health in a Changing World.” 

In our ever-evolving world, navigating challenges can be overwhelming. Pressures from work, relationships, and societal factors—such as politics, climate change, and the economy—can significantly impact our mental well-being, sometimes more than we realize. But where do we begin when we experience signs and symptoms of a mental health condition?

Here’s what you can do during Mental Health Month:

  1. Educate Yourself: Learn how the modern world affects mental health. Understand the impact of external factors on your well-being.

  2. Build Coping Skills: Equip yourself with tools to manage stress, anxiety, and other emotions.

  3. Seek Help: Know where to find support. Reach out to mental health professionals or community resources.

  4. Advocate: Be part of the collective effort to create communities that value and support mental health.

Remember, even small actions contribute to a healthier world. Let’s prioritize our mental well-being together!

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The month of May is getting closer! Make sure you download your copy of the 2024 May is Mental Health Month toolkit to help you prepare.

This year’s theme is "Where to Start: Mental Health in a Changing World" and our goal is to help people start their mental health journey by understanding the impact of modern life on mental health, and equipping them with coping tools to navigate the challenges they face.

Whether you’re looking to work on your own well-being, organize activities for your workplace, become an advocate for mental health, or put together resources for your community, MHA’s toolkit has something for everyone:

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